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Social Media Icons

Social media. You may love it or hate it, but I owe the small reach I’ve had in my business to social media. When I began selling charms on Etsy, I had expected a few sales locally from family and friends and had flashbacks to my mom bringing the cookie sale sheet into work during girl scout cookie sale time. Thanks to social media, that has not the case and I am grateful for everybody’s support! Unfortunately, posting on social media seems to be a full-time job! I plan to use these stickers to help organize when to post, what to post and the impact.

If you don’t have a cutting machine a 5/8″ punch should fit right around each icon since they’re irregularly shaped.Social Media Icon Blog Post

Free for personal use but please give credit to @rainbowbottlecharms on social media. Can you think of any icons that I forgot? Message me and I can add them. Follow and like on Instagram and Facebook! Available in .png, .pdf and .studio3 with cut lines 🙂



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