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Social Media Icons

Social media. You may love it or hate it, but I owe the small reach I’ve had in my business to social media. When I began selling charms on Etsy, I had expected a few sales locally from family and friends and had flashbacks to my mom bringing the cookie sale sheet into work during girl scout cookie sale time. Thanks to social media, that has not the case and I am grateful for everybody’s support! Unfortunately, posting on social media seems to be a full-time job! I plan to use these stickers to help organize when to post, what to post and the impact.

If you don’t have a cutting machine a 5/8″ punch should fit right around each icon since they’re irregularly shaped.Social Media Icon Blog Post

Free for personal use but please give credit to @rainbowbottlecharms on social media. Can you think of any icons that I forgot? Message me and I can add them. Follow and like on Instagram and Facebook! Available in .png, .pdf and .studio3 with cut lines 🙂



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Bright and Pastel Habit Trackers

Pastel and bright for blog

Boxes measure 1.5″ long, perfect for planner sidebars. Feel free to adjust to fit your needs. Message me on Etsy for custom stickers and colors! Free for personal use but please give credit to @rainbowbottlecharms on social media. I have been super busy and have new releases coming this week! Follow and like on Instagram and facebook! Available in both .pdf and .studio3 with cut lines 🙂


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Freebie Friday

2018 Rainbow Reading Challenge

reading challenge blog

Are you a reader? I LOVE to read. In 2017 I read 53 novels! I created this rainbow challenge for 2018 to track some of the books I read. The idea is to read 1 book each month in which the main color on the cover matches up with the color of that month. Feel free to download and print this page to track the novels you read in 2018. Files are available to download in both .pdf and .studio3 format (with cut lines.) For personal use only. Book clip art was designed by me 🙂


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2017 – A Year in Review

2017 –  A Year in Review AKA how I began the year as a substance abuse counselor and ended the year as a small business owner.

The year began in a hotel room in Northern Kentucky. Newly engaged, I began the year working as a substance abuse counselor, skating roller derby and frankly running myself into the ground. Between the hour commute to and from work, wedding planning, skating/working out, focusing on recovery and simply being present for family and friends was too much. There simply were not enough hours in the day. Something had to give… and, boy, it did!

Enter: the health crisis of 2017! No need to go into specifics, but, let me say, my world was turned upside-down as my body made it clear that I was doing too much. After a 3 day hospitalization, I found myself unable to work, drive or skate. After 3 months of hospitalizations, 3 broken bones, a handful of new medications and a broken spirit I found a hobby/way to turn my life around.

Enter: bullet journaling. I was introduced to bullet journaling by a friend when she had seen that I had began working on calligraphy and hand lettering as a hobby. (*Thanks Mom for my calligraphy kit for Christmas ’16) I bought a teal Leuchtturm 1917 (the official “bullet journal”) and became completely enamored. I began following blogs, join Facebook groups and found a whole community of people obsessed with planning and life organization. Even though I really didn’t have much of a schedule to keep track of, I logged it all. My bullet journal had it all: year at a glace, birthdays, monthly, weekly and daily pages, gratitude log, fitness changes, water tracker, habit tracker, sleep tracker, master grocery list, movies, books…etcetcetc. After a couple months of my schedule being intertwined with trackers, logs and challenges I couldn’t find anything. I knew there had to be a better way!!

Enter: traveler’s notebooks. OMG so many options. So many different sizes, covers, dashboards, inserts, CHARMS! (We’ll get to all of this later.) I was hooked! (*Thank you for my first TN cover and inserts for my birthday 2017, Mom) I began making charms and decorations for my TN when I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. The rest is history.

Rainbow Bottle Charms opened September 10, 2017. Since then I have shipped charms and planner accessories to 22 states and 4 different countries. I participated in my first group collaboration sale. It was when I hit 100 items sold in less than 2 months I felt for the first time that I wasn’t just “contributing to rent by selling some trinkets,” but I actually owned my own business. My expectations have been met and I have been overwhelmed by the love and support. THANK YOU!!

What I have accomplished through planning and life organization this year:

  • Regulated sleep schedule (through sleep tracking)
  • Cut down fast food and eating out at restaurants (though tracking food habits and budget)
  • Immaculately clean house (through daily tidy-up schedule/habit tracking)
  • Quit smoking (incentive tracker)
  • More positive outlook (tracking gratitude and beginning my day with a set routine)
  • Showering daily (mental health/habit tracker)
  • De-cluttering (using a KonMari method tracker)
  • On track with wedding planning (following my wedding bullet journal planner timeline from The Knot)

The year is wrapping up in a cozy, warm apartment in Northern Kentucky. I am working as a small business owner, making time for friends and family, counting down the day until I say “I do” to the love of my life.

I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.